WNC Stakeholder ESG Questionnaire

To improve the efficiency and quality of communications between WNC and its stakeholders, WNC publishes a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report annually in June, disclosing inputs and results in terms of WNC's governance, environmental, and social aspects. Since the overall operations environment changes rapidly, we need your help to answer the following questions so that we can understand more of the subjects that you pay attention to and the degree that you focus on them. This will help make next year's CSR report more relevant with the information that you expect to know.

The questionnaire will be collected anonymously, and all information you provide will only be used for the compilation of the subjects of stakeholder concern.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

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1. From what perspective did you read this report?


2. Have you read WNC's Sustainability report before?


3. To what extent are you concerned with the following ESG Topics?

AspectSubjectsDegree of Concern
ConcernedSomewhat ConcernedLess ConcernedNot Concerned
GovernanceEconomic PerformanceProfitability, operating costs, retirement benefit plans, government aids, shareholders’ equity
Economic ImpactImpact caused by infrastructure investment, service development
GovernanceBoard independence, operations and system of the highest governance body/ sustainable development vision, social responsibility management committee, continuous operations management and planning
Risk ManagementRisk assessment, prevention and response measures for all aspects of economic/ environmental/ social impacts
Integrity ManagementAnti-corruption mechanisms, anti-competitive behavior/anti-trust and anti-monopoly practices, customer information, business confidentiality protection
Grievance MechanismMethods of receiving and handling environmental/labor conditions/human rights/integrity issues
ComplianceCompliance and violation of relevant laws and regulations
Local Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementProcurement strategies and policies, green procurement, and proportion of spending on local suppliers, select and assess suppliers by using indicators such as environment/labor conditions/human rights/society/governance
Continuous Operations ManagementSufficient hardware and software equipment and strategies to handle operational disruption risks
Technology R&D/Quality ServiceProduct technology research and development status, product and service quality control and improvement
Marketing and LabelingMarketing compliance, legal or voluntary labelling of product and service information
COVID-19 CountermeasuresHow WNC responds to the impact and challenges brought about by COVID-19
EnvironmentEnergy ManagementEnergy/renewable energy/alternative energy use, implementation of energy saving and carbon reduction measures and results
Green Product ManagementReduction of impact of products and services on the environment, usage of general raw materials and recycled raw materials, reduction of use of packaging materials, use recyclable/environmentally friendly packaging materials/ products and services compliance, customer health and safety assessment for improvement
Water resource managementWater sources, water recycling and reuse
Climate Change and Carbon ManagementGreenhouse gas emissions and intensity, carbon disclosure
Emissions and Air PollutionEmissions of ozone-depleting substances/ nitrogen oxides (NOX)/ sulfur oxides (SOX) and other significant gases
Effluent and WasteWastewater and waste treatment methods and impact level
SocialTalent ManagementComposition of workforce, new hires and employee turnover rate, parental leave, salary and benefits, local talent hiring
Labor/Management RelationsMinimum notice periods regarding significant operational changes and collective bargaining agreements
Occupational Health and SafetyCommittee operations, occupational injury statistics, high risk operations and prevention, employee health examinations
Talent DevelopmentStaff training and development courses, performance appraisal system, career development
Diversity & Equal OpportunityEqual pay for women and men, composition of the highest governance body and employees by gender/ age/ minority and other diversity indicators
Human RightsWNC's human rights policy and impact assessment, proportion of human rights clauses contained in investment agreements, contracts, employee human rights training courses, number of incidents of discrimination, preventive and corrective actions taken, violations of freedom of association and collective bargaining and preventive measures, measures to prohibit and prevent forced labor
Child LaborMeasures to eliminate, prevent child labor
Conflict MineralsProhibition measures for tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and other minerals obtained in the context of armed conflict and human rights violations
Public PolicyPolitical contributions
Others, Please describe:
Thank you for your opinions and suggestions!